Why You Should Protest Your Texas Property Taxes

It seems every year property taxes in Texas climb ever higher. Owning a home is something many people still consider part of the American dream. Hold onto this powerful investment and your future by disputing your property taxes.


The home’s value is not determined by the appraisal district. Rather, recent home sales are a more accurate reflection of the value of the home should you choose to sell rather than stay put. Appealing your property taxes with the experience of a real estate law firm Austin TX residents do not decrease their home’s value. Rather, they spend less in taxes.


Property tax assessments are no longer done by humans, but rather computers make guesstimates. Appealing these guesstimates does not mean the appraisal district digs deep into the property’s history including inspections. Few homeowners even receive an increased assessed value when appealing. You must approve the assessed value at the appraisal review board hearing.


One of the rights of every Texan is the right to fair and equal taxation. This principle extends to your property taxes. Simply because more property taxes means the government can do more for the city residents does not mean it is fair for you. The government can only increase your taxes a fair amount each year. A fair assessment is based on surrounding home appraisals rather than only market value. A 10% increase in assessed value can cause you to unfairly pay several hundred dollars or more in taxes.


Most homeowners who appeal their property taxes are met with success. You do have to file an appeal within a certain amount of time located on the letter sent from the county appraisal district. Rather than being too busy to appeal consider taking the time to lower your property taxes. The cumulative effect of lower taxes can save you hundreds to thousands each year. Imagine what you can do with that much money in your pocket.

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