Interesting New Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Sure, tile backsplashes come in many varieties and can be a beautiful complement to any kitchen. But you want something that stuns, something that makes your heart sing and feeds your independent soul. The good news is that virtually anything you can think of can be turned into a backsplash material with just a little imagination and some elbow grease. Before you call the kitchen tile contractor Atlantic Beach NC, check out these ideas.


Copper gives a warm glow to a kitchen. It is a perfect use for all those copper coins you habitually throw in a coin jar, drawer or piggy bank. Clean your pennies and use them to tile your backsplash. You are almost assured that you won’t find one like it in your friends’ or neighbors’ homes.


Vintage bottle caps make a colorful and quirky accent when used as an accent to your countertops. They work particularly well in retro-inspired kitchens. Embrace your love of Formica and pig-shaped salt and pepper shakers and repurpose something that is a legitimate icon from the past by using them as a tile alternative.

Wine Corks

Do you have a million leftover wine corks? Ok, maybe you don’t have a million, but it seems like it when you are a regular wine drinker. Why not take advantage of all that free material and make a unique backdrop for your kitchen? They absorb sound and cushion your glasses and wine bottles if they are pushed up against it, so it is the perfect material to use. It also looks cool when you make designs with them.

Reclaimed Wood

Look around your family’s home, your friends’ houses, or question the people who are tearing down an old barn to see if they’ll let you have some of the old wood. Reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly, unique and beautiful way to freshen up the look of your kitchen by using it as a backsplash.

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