Unexpected Emergencies You Can Prepare For Now

Unexpected surprises come at the worst moments. They can frustrate, excite, or even leave you stranded, but they almost always wake you from a perfectly good day. Whether the surprise comes with the need to spend money or hunker down in the dark, you can be prepared for those unexpected emergencies.

1. Getting Locked Out of Your Car

You may have heard horror stories about people locking themselves out of the car when their children were inside. Sometimes it is only your purse or and keys that get locked within the vehicle, but it can still be exasperating as you wait for an auto locksmith DC to come and save your day. To prepare for such moments, have the telephone number of a locksmith on your phone.

2. Long-Term Power Outage

Winter storms and summer heat can both overtax the electrical lines of any city and cause a long-term power outage. When that happens, you can approach it as an adventure or as a punishment from above. To prepare for such contingencies, have a food supply on hand, a generator (if possible), and a few good books, puzzles, and games. You don’t have to dread the time without power; instead, look at it as a mini-vacation.

3. Plumbing Problems That Flood

If you have children, you know the tots love to flush things down the toilet – and that can cause a flood. When you experience plumbing problems after your little one flushes a toy, call in a plumber to clean up the resulting dirty flood water and save you from pulling all your hair out. To prepare for such a situation, keep a plumber’s number on your fridge so you can easily grab it during the emergency.

You can be prepared for those unexpected moments that terrorize your life by having information on hand about how to deal with the situation and who to call. It will make a world of difference when the unexpected occurs.

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