How To Increase Privacy in Your Backyard

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The backyard can be an excellent place to relax with family and friends and enjoy all that nature has to offer. When utilizing this space, individuals may look for ways to create a sense of privacy to separate themselves from nosy neighbors or curious passersby. Given that backyards should feel like an extension of one’s living space, it is important to feel comfortable when out in this area. There are multiple ways that an individual can achieve the level of solitude that they desire.

Install Fencing

Fencing can be an excellent way to build a private outdoor area. Wood, aluminum and wrought iron are commonly used materials due to their solid structure and ability to withstand the natural elements. Fences can be used not only to obscure sightlines but to provide protection for children at play and any roaming pets. Contacting fence installation companies in Forest Lake IL can aid in determining what type of fencing is the most appropriate.

Plant Shrubbery

Hedges, planters and overgrown trees can create an aesthetically pleasing form of privacy. Individuals can control the height, density and color of their chosen landscaping. However, regular maintenance such as watering, trimming and pest control may be required. Shrubbery can be placed across the entire perimeter of one’s yard or can simply be planted in specific areas needing additional coverage.

Hang Outdoor Curtains

If an individual is looking to solely provide privacy to a small patio or other outdoor dining area, the use of curtains may be beneficial. Hanging curtains from a pergola or other structure can create an intimate setting while avoiding the feeling of being boxed in. Different colors and patterns can be a great way to express one’s unique personality and sense of style.

Homeowners can increase the privacy of their backyards through a multitude of creative options.