How To Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

If you struggle with the size of your bathroom and can’t do a remodel to move things around and better utilize the space, you should consider ways to make it feel larger. Making a few stylistic changes can open the room up and make it feel larger. Here are some ways you can do that.

Change Your Shower Doors

If you have older shower doors with thick metal frames, you should consider switching to frameless shower doors West Palm Beach. Having just the glass doors will remove the metal frame’s visual barrier, and the glass will help the bathroom feel bigger. Not to mention, not having a frame will mean the shower doors are much easier to clean, which is always a good thing.

Remove Your Vanity

If floor space is a problem in your bathroom, then you should remove your current vanity with under-sink storage and switch to a pedestal sink. The bathroom will feel much larger, and you won’t find your feet constantly running into the corners of the vanity.

To make up for lost storage space, consider going vertical with your storage. Install some shelves or cabinets on the walls, or even use a plastic shoe holder on the back of your door to hold your hairbrushes, makeup, or cleaning supplies.

Rethink the Color

Often, the colors on the walls and the theme of the bathroom can make it feel smaller. If you have dark walls, then paint them a lighter color. If you don’t want to do white, perhaps do a very light blue or pale gray.

When you’re choosing towels and accessories for the bathroom, use dark colors sparingly. If you have a window that needs to be covered, don’t use dark, heavy fabric. It will close off the room, making it feel much smaller than it actually is.