Seven Essential Tools Found in Most Kitchens

Having quality cooking utensils can make the difference between a successful meal and a small disaster. While there are many items in your kitchen you could use to cook, some are better suited for certain tasks than others. By purchasing only high-quality kitchen tools, you will have the advantage of working with equipment that makes the work easier, ensures safety, and yields professional results. The list below provides seven essential tools found in most kitchens:

1) Garlic press

A garlic press tool can help you crush garlic quickly without getting it stuck on the side of your knife or cutting board. That allows for quick and easy clean-up during a meal prep exercise and less risk of biting into any rogue bits of garlic left on your board after chopping/pressing.

2) Vegetable peeler

vegetable peeler is one of those things that many people already own but don’t realize how many uses it has. You can use a peeler to cut spaghetti squash, shave cheese, and even open stubborn jar lids.

3) Measuring cups

A set of measuring cups is an essential kitchen tool that you should have to help you in cooking or baking. These cups enable you to measure various ingredients accurately so that your food comes out just right every time.

4) Measuring spoons

When combined with the measuring cups above, these utensils help you be even more accurate in your cooking measurements by getting into those hard-to-measure spots like 1/8 tsp or 1/2 tbsp increments.

5) Cutting board

cutting board is something that most people already own but is necessary for preparing most food items.

6) Mixing bowls

A set of different sized mixing bowls come in handy for all sorts of kitchen activities like prepping, cooking, and even serving foods.

7) Kitchen knife

A good knife can help you to cut onions, vegetables, and tomatoes. However, it is advisable to look for a knife made of high-quality steel, with blades that never get dull easily. Further, they come with lifetime warranties, so you can’t go wrong.

There are, of course, many other items that could be classified as “essentials,” but these were just some examples of ones that might be convenient in your kitchen.