What Does Air Conditioning Do for Your Kitchen?

When you think about air conditioning in your home, you probably first think about your comfort during hot, summer months. However, your AC is also important to your kitchen. Here is why the AC repair Hampton VA has to offer includes a look at your kitchen.

Common Kitchen Contaminants

If you have experienced a grease fire then you know how thick and toxic the smoke can get. Even if there is no fire, cooking with grease can leave particulate in the air that eventually ends up in your duct system. If your kitchen ducts are not sufficiently protected, you will need to have them cleaned or even replaced more often than normal.

Improve Your Air Quality

There are two reasons you need good air quality in the kitchen. The first is your own safety. Air quality in your kitchen and elsewhere is known to have a link with allergies and asthma. The second is the quality of the food you make. Clean air is an important factor of safe and clean food.

Possibility for Mold

Kitchens are also a place with a lot of moisture. From the water in your sink to the ice in your freezer, there are many possibilities for water to pool and cause mold. Proper water maintenance and air flow can help reduce this problem. If you ever have a mold problem, it is important to get your HVAC system looked at. Mold spores float in the air and can accumulate in your ducts. The EPA has more information about what mold can do to your health and safety.

The right HVAC system is important for your home and your kitchen. Cooking can create common contaminants and keeping your ducts clean can improve your health and safety. Kitchens can also create mold. Do not overlook your kitchen the next time you have an HVAC checkup.

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