The Most Important Aspects of a Kitchen Remodel

Chopping boards near oven under hood

The kitchen is often the hub of a home. A remodel can make the room more enjoyable for the current occupants and increase resale value.

Cabinets and Countertops

Cabinets and countertops should be durable and functional. When selecting countertops Pittsburgh PA and cabinets for your kitchen remodel, speak with a professional to choose the best materials for your home. There are a variety of factors to keep in mind, including maintenance requirements, lifespan and color options.


There are a multitude of flooring options available for your kitchen. If you fall in love with the look of a certain material but discover that it is too delicate or high-maintenance for your needs, see if there exists a vinyl option with a similar look. Vinyl is easy to clean and usually pretty durable, but always read reviews and instructions for any flooring before you make a purchase.


The appliances are the backbone of the kitchen. A stove and oven (or combination range) and a refrigerator are essential. Many individuals enjoy the convenience of a dishwasher and small appliances like microwaves and coffee machines. Read reviews carefully when purchasing appliances and check the warranty.

Many appliances are available in several color options so that you can choose a uniform style for every appliance in the kitchen. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match if you find a great deal.

Finishing Touches

Little things compete in the room. Rubber kitchen mats at the sink and stove add a pop of color and reduce foot and back pain. A fun dishtowel hung over the dishwasher handle showcases your personality.

A complete kitchen remodel is a big undertaking. Everything from big appliances to small touches influences the feel of the room. Take your time and choose carefully, so you can enjoy your new kitchen for many years.