Signs Your Septic Tank Needs Service

Having your septic tank pumped regularly can help prevent damage to the unit and keep your home’s entire plumbing system and lawn problem-free. If you are not sure what the signs of an overfilled septic tank are, this is an issue that may be overlooked.

Keep reading for signs that it is time to have your septic tank Orlando FL pumped and serviced here.

Sewage Backup in Your Drains

One of the first signs that you are dealing with an overfilled septic tank is if sewage begins to back up into your home’s drains. Usually, this issue will be seen in the lower sinks and bathrooms in your home because they are closest to the septic tank.

It is important to understand that backed-up sewage is a serious and potentially dangerous problem that you should not be ignored. Your septic tank is full of bacteria, which may be hazardous to your and your family’s health. If you notice this issue, it is best to contact a plumber right away.

Noticeable Changes in Your Lawn

In some situations, if your septic tank is backed up, it can cause issues outside your home before any changes are seen inside. Your drain field is under the lawn, and this is where liquid waste, called effluent, is released to help remove impurities. When you see standing water in your lawn, it probably means that the drain field has become oversaturated and that waste has started to move to the surface. Usually, this problem occurs if your tank has become overfilled and released too much liquid into the drain field.

When it comes to your septic tank, you should not ignore the problems mentioned here. As they progress, more issues will arise, resulting in you having to pay even more to have the issues resolved.