Should You Use Your Fireplace?

Fireplaces used to have a purpose — keeping the home warm. Nowadays, most homes are heated with either electricity or natural gas. Because of this, fireplaces are falling out of vogue and aren’t being added to many new houses. However, people who already have a fireplace may ask, “Should I use my fireplace?” Below are some pros and cons.

Pro: It’s Beautiful

One of the best features of a fireplace is that it is simply beautiful to look at. Is there anything more romantic or cozy than a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day? Even if the fireplace is only used on special occasions, like after a date or on Christmas Day, it could be worth your while to have a hearty stack of wood on hand.

Con: It Gets Dirty

Like most parts of the home, a fireplace is another thing that will require maintenance over time. For the most part, this involves keeping the chimney and hearth clean. While the average person should have no problem dusting ash from the hearth, you may need to hire a DC chimney sweep to clean out the chimney itself.

Pro: It’s Energy-Efficient

Unlike using natural gas, which is a nonrenewable resource, fireplaces use wood to heat the home. This is highly energy-efficient, as it creates a lot of heat without having to use a lot of electricity. Wood is also fairly cheap, which can also help to keep heating costs down.

Con: It Requires Attention

Some people worry that operating a fireplace can be dangerous. Like anything that uses fire, this is true. However, so long as you keep an eye on the fireplace, don’t allow children to go near it, and use common sense, using a fireplace should not be too risky. Make sure to call a professional chimney service to do maintenance work often, especially after not using the fireplace for a while, such as near the beginning of winter.

Keep these pros and cons in mind as you consider using your fireplace. It can be rewarding, so long as safety is always the first thing in mind.

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