Renovating the Kitchen – How to Save Costs?

It is no accident that the kitchen is the heart of the home – it provides some of the essential features in it, often in a limited area. Therefore, especially for the kitchen, it is especially important to work very well and with a good preliminary plan.

1. Explain to yourself what you want to achieve – what you need, what features it will perform, and how much work space you need, how much storage space for containers and products, how many people will work in her and so on. Which of the devices will be changed and what new ones are needed. Make a list.

2. Priorities – Choose which of the listed items is most important to you and target the main investment. Think about which of the existing kitchens you could save with little or no changes. For example: If your cabinets are sturdy, but you do not like them as a look, it can be easily changed only by changing the front panel. A change of the old laminate countertop with top EU ETS with Twain or synthetic stone immediately would create the impression of more expensive and elegant cuisine, and it is a much more practical option. It also represents a longer-term investment.

From this point of view, when determining your priorities, it is essential to decide what matters to you – quick decorative changes or quality upgrading that would provide you with a long-lasting and comfortable fitting of the kitchen without having to renew it again soon?

3. Do not be afraid to combine old and new elements – sometimes it is possible with a little renovation to combine part of your old kitchen with new additional elements:

4. Improve the efficiency of your small kitchen instead of investing in its expansion – sometimes the less well-organized space is more convenient to work than the large kitchen, where the working time increases due to the inconvenient distribution.

5. Use the help of an independent professional designer with experience and knowledge of materials, prices, and novelties that are not tied to a particular manufacturer. This will allow him to offer the best quality for your kitchen and in accordance with the budget you have set. It will advise you on aligning your priorities and can also offer you a more convenient and efficient functional layout, which will certainly make your life easier, will save you costly mistakes.

6. Remember that the kitchen is one of the places that require very precise planning and sometimes a small mistake can cause the inability to install any part or inconvenience. Before you start upgrading, it’s important to have a precise layout for all electrical appliances, exits of the electrical installation, piping, etc., and that means you have to make an exact drawing with the actual dimensions, corners, and wall bend.

kitchen drawing

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