Obtaining Purer Air for Your Home

Eating healthy is important, but, along with that, it’s important to consider what you breath. For a long time, doctors have touted the benefits of avoiding toxic air, so many people, for that reason, avoid pollutants and smoke, figuring that they’re safe. Does that mean your air is clean though? If you don’t have a purifier in your home, your air quality simply depends on what is around you. Allergens, dust and chemicals (from everyday use) could still linger, drawn into the lungs as you breathe. If you’re interested in obtaining fresher quality, here are three things to consider.

Buy a Purifier

If you’re tired of inhaling mold and dust, consider acquiring a small room purifier. These are sold in big box stores, and you can place them anywhere in the home. Locate a busy location, one where you probably spend the most time, and sit it in the corner. As it runs, it pulls out many of the impurities, allowing you to take in purer air.

Add Filters

Do you want something that works throughout the entire house? Then, you may want to add a compressed air filter to the air line. As the outside air moves through your unit, it also obtains the dirt and dust, preventing these pests from circulating throughout and, at times, clogging the system. The filter acts as a barrier, trapping what you don’t want to breath. You’ll need to change these regularly, so look for a product such as donaldson compressed air filters. Stock up on them, and change it out as needed.

Clean Without Chemicals

Bleach and ammonia are fairly common in household cleaners. They kill bacteria and often, with added fragrances, leave the home smelling good. They do, however, leave traces of chemicals that can get on you or in the ventilation. Those with allergies could find themselves sensitive to the scent or product. Try to switch out for scent-free formulas or try microfiber cloths, bacteria killing material that only requires water.

Eat right, and exercise. Then, treat your lungs to something healthy, investing in items that may be more hygienic.

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