Essential Things You Need to Start an Organic Cleaning Service Company

Brown wooden floor

Starting an organic cleaning service business can be a lucrative, satisfying, and rewarding enterprise. It also allows you to offer people the chance to live in a healthy home without using dangerous chemicals or toxins that could make them sick. You will provide your clients with fresh air while removing pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, and other harmful pollutants from their environment. However, before you decide to start an organic cleaning service business, here are five things you need to know:

1. Cleaning Equipment

Before you do any cleaning, you will need the appropriate tools to get the job done. These include a variety of mops and brooms, a vacuum cleaner, or steam cleaners that use only water. You may also want to invest in eco-friendly cleaning supplies such as organic floor cleaners for stone and tile floors. Look at your local home depot for these products.

2. Organic Cleaning Recipes

Once you have all your cleaning materials, it’s time to create some recipes. It will enable your business to offer eco-friendly services to customers who prefer an alternative approach to traditional cleaning methods that use toxic chemicals to disinfect surfaces throughout homes and businesses.


You’ll need a workplace where you can greet existing and potential customers when they stop by to schedule appointments or purchase cleaning services. However, if you plan on running the business from home, consider how much space you will need to accommodate your equipment, store chemicals and supplies, and showroom for prospective clients.

4. Business Licenses and Permits

Before you open shop officially, make sure that everything is in order with the appropriate authorities because certain licenses and permits may be necessary to operate an organic cleaning service based on local laws. For example, you may require a state department of health license to mix commercial-grade chemicals or pesticide solutions legally.

5. Insurance

If a client gets sick from being around toxic chemicals, you will need insurance to protect yourself. Look into a business liability policy and include coverage for damages or medical expenses if your organic cleaners pose a threat throughout a home, endangering its occupants. Talk to an independent agent about getting insurance quotes from different companies before finalizing your plans to start your own company.

Starting an organic cleaning service company does not require too much. The basics and the tools you need to go about it are simple and easy to find.