Cleaning Keeps Your Kitchen in Mint Condition

If any room in your house should be hygienic, it’s the one where food is prepared. A sanitary kitchen prevents all manner of food-borne illnesses from plaguing your family. Also, as a chef, clean, pristine, perfectly functioning appliances make every meal taste its best. Take these tips to make your kitchen shine.

Caring for Cookware

Any cook knows a good set of tools is as vital as a good recipe. Be kind to your kitchenware so it lasts longer and works better. Wash dishes as soon as possible after use to remove food particles and kill bacteria, hopefully before food residue has hardened on the plates. It’s useless to do your dishes in a dirty sink, so don’t forget to clean that too.

Keep your kitchen bright.  Periodically polish your silverware so it shines and stays tarnish-free. The same goes for refurbishing your beloved pots and pans. You can hire a local craftsman with professional dent beating or knife sharpening Hilton Head Island skills.

Scheduled Scouring of Surfaces

Cooking is undoubtedly a messy business that gets into a kitchen’s every nook and cranny. You see begrimed burners, crumby countertops, clogged drains, dusty shelves, disfigured floors, not to mention the hidden horrors lurking behind large appliances. Kitchens like this are breeding grounds for bacteria, bugs, and even rats.

Avoid disgust and disease by regularly and thoroughly giving every accessible inch of your kitchen a good scrubbing. Wipe up small spills as they happen, and set a routine for more rigorous chores. Most tasks, such as dusting and disinfecting surfaces or mopping the floor, can be done once a week or so. Bigger jobs, such as cleaning behind the fridge or the stove, should be done at least seasonally. The more use you make of your kitchen, the more frequent cleaning should occur.

A kitchen kept continually clean will work as good as new for years to come.

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