Best Kitchen Table Ideas For Small Kitchen

Lately, many of you have been looking for an interesting question, “My kitchen is small. What kind of table to choose?” This is actually an interesting topic that we have decided to address in the article to gather the most interesting ideas we have.

The truth is that small kitchen is a place where with the right distribution of elements, the right proportions and the right choice of features, materials, coatings, and colors, you can easily increase its functionality and even provide space for a small table that you can use for different purposes.

If someone tells you there is always a table in the kitchen – it’s a lie. Sometimes the kitchen is just too small for that, at least most of the time. Poor layout can prevent you from putting a permanent table in your small kitchen, but the folding can be the perfect alternative. You can also mount the table directly onto one of the walls to save some space. Still, every inch here matters.

Extensible tables are super practical in small kitchens and small homes as a whole. Keep in mind that the market already has a large variety of downhill tables, the dimensions of which are really very compact. Actually, think of this style as a way to make a small table even smaller.

Personally, I find cocktail tables with round tops and pedestal bases for some of the best solutions for small kitchens. They are small and flexible, they can come in at some angle when they are not used and look great in the middle of the room. This type of table has a light look that maintains the spacious feel of the room.

The kitchen can be small, but if it is open and is part of a larger room, it does not feel so small. A small table with two chairs can provide a seamless transition between the kitchen and the living room for example. Think of high tables and bar chairs if you want to focus on their shiny lines and on the vertical space.


A low table may look great and spot in any modern kitchen. See the example above and how wonderful the table is in the hollow with its white color. In fact, masses like this, with a simple and direct design, are a great choice when space is inadequate.

If you plan to position the kitchen table in the corner of the room, you can make the most of this space. Think of a small, custom-made corner sofa that matches your size and can even provide storage space. You can also add two chairs to the roundtable on the opposite side of the couch if space allows you.

Many homes nowadays have open spaces where the kitchen, dining room and living room share an extraordinary space. In this case, you can bet on the elongated kitchen table, which will be the perfect solution for family dinners, and at the same time will visually separate the kitchen and living area.

Our latest proposal to integrate a small kitchen table to help you avoid clutter is to choose a table with a transparent glass top. You can combine such a table with acrylic chairs, making space even lighter and more spacious.

I hope you’ve been inspired by an idea to turn your little kitchen into a more comfortable and enjoyable place.

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