4 Huge Advantages of Stucco Siding

When deciding how to finish the outside of your home, there are so many choices. One option you should look at is stucco finishing. Stucco is a cement emulsion that’s spread out over the exterior walls of a building for unsurpassed protection. Here are four huge advantages of this durable material.

1. Staying Power

If you want an outer finish to your home that never has to be replaced, stucco siding Scottsdale AZ is the way to go. This cement blend can last decades because it’s able to expand and contract with changing temperatures. When stucco is waterproofed, it’s also resistant to moisture and mold.

2. Attractive Finish

When a thick layer of stucco is applied, it can remain smooth or be textured to your liking. Popular patterns for stucco include swirls, course sand finish and a smooth and rough combination called cat face. Color can also be added to the stucco if the homeowner chooses.

3. Easy To Install

Always be sure to have a professional apply stucco siding to ensure it’s put on correctly and will have a long life. This house covering can be applied on top of either wood or masonry after the surface has been prepared. Once the process is started, stucco only takes a few days from beginning to end including drying time.

4. No Maintenance

One of the most attractive features of stucco is that it requires virtually no maintenance. It doesn’t need to be washed, repainted or replaced. If dirt and debris accumulate due to a storm, simply use a brush and garden hose to gently clean stucco. This low-maintenance siding is also fire and sound resistant.

Selecting exterior siding for your house is a big decision. When you choose stucco, you get durability, easy upkeep and an exceptional finish that lasts for decades.