What You Need To Know About Metallurgy Testing

Before using a new metal or alloy in your products, you should have the material tested. However, before you reach this phase, you need to learn more about metallurgy testing, its importance, and various available testing services.

Metallurgy Testing

Metallurgy testing is a process that uses microscopes to determine crucial information about a metal or alloy’s properties and structure. As metals go through melting, cooling, and shaping, their properties and structure may change. Metallurgy testing can give you information about the finished material’s structure so you can evaluate the safety and effectiveness of your metal. Other names for this testing process include metallography evaluation, metallographic examination, and metallurgical analysis. Metallurgy testing may be performed on alloys for any industry, but it is especially important for¬†metals used in medical devices.

Importance of Testing

Before using a new metal, you should run it through a variety of micro- and macrostructure examinations, corrosion analyses, and microhardness tests. These can identify defects, determine structural features, evaluate its reaction to heat, and ensure that the material will conform to your required specifications. This is especially important information when you are looking to offer a quality product to your customers. Root cause failure analyses can also be important if you have had a material fail even after it ran through standard metallurgy testing. The data can identify weaknesses that may not appear until after time in the field, and help you choose a better replacement for your future products.

Testing Services

There are a variety of tests that can be crucial for your business. Some of these may include failure analysis, failure prevention, scanning electron microscopy, metallography, tubular internal coating, coating specification preparation, and destructive testing.

Whatever your industry, having your metal tested is important. This process can give you vital information about your materials and ensure that they conform to the standards you need.

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