The Top 3 Household Pests

To several homeowners, household pests are an unpleasant afterthought. Nobody wants to see a mouse scram around their kitchen. However, you shouldn’t dismiss pests as a simple nuisance. They can damage your health and destroy your property. You should look out for these three household pests that can wreak havoc and cost you thousands.


Rats aren’t simply unsightly but can cause property damage. It doesn’t help that they like to chew on almost anything. Rats will chew on electrical wires, which poses a serious fire hazard. They can also contaminate your food and leave droppings, which could contribute to heart and liver problems. You should contact a rodent control Portland OR professional as soon as possible, who can eliminate them from your home.


Cockroaches are an immediate threat to your home. They can spread pathogens and carry parasitic worms that contaminate your food and water supply. Many symptoms begin to occur once these contaminants reach the bloodstream. You should eliminate clutter from counters and tables, since many cockroaches like to hide. Seal any cracks in walls or floors that allow them to come into your home.


Did you know that termite infestations cost homeowners billions of dollars per year in property damage? Termites feed on cellulose to survive, which is found in wood. These small bugs chew on your home’s wood foundation before destroying your drywall and floorboards. Regions with more humid climates are particularly vulnerable to swarms of them, since they thrive on moisture beneath ground soil.

Household pests are a common nuisance that can intimidate first-time homeowners. These three pests can all cause problems that you shouldn’t allow to manifest over time. It’s difficult to eliminate several pests on your own, so you shouldn’t be hesitant to contact a professional when they become a problem. Professionals have the expertise and equipment to eliminate them from your home forever.

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