Tips for Choosing a Corporate Travel Agency

Scheduling corporate travel is a full-time job if you have a decent-sized company. Having an off-site agency take the reins on travel can save you money and allow your employees to focus on their regular job duties instead of trying to find the best travel deals. Here are some tips for finding an agency that excels at what they do.

Find a Specialist

If your business works regionally, nationally or internationally, you want an agency that specializes in the type of travel you’re looking for. An agent who knows the ins and outs of your travel area can find the best deals on short term lodging, airfare and car rentals. They also know the best places to eat and local activities that may be popular with your clients.

Know Your Objectives

Business travel is dependant on a return on investment. What is the purpose of your travel? Do you want to reduce travel spending, avoid wasted travel time or implement risk management solutions? Interviewing a variety of travel agencies can help you determine their strengths and if they match the goals you’re striving to meet.

Build a Relationship

When you choose an agency, it’s time to build a relationship built on trust. A fantastic agent remembers personal preferences, is available at all times and secures travel arrangements quickly. They are willing to book travel at the last minute while maintaining an optimistic demeanor.

Use Technology

Stay up-to-date on travel plans and expenses when you find an agency that uses the latest technology to streamline its processes. It should be easy to book travel, see the itinerary, automate expense reports and analyze travel spending.

Finding a corporate travel agency that fits your company goals may take some time, but in the end, it’s worth it for their expertise and personalized touch.