Signs You Need Emergency HVAC Service

Nobody wants to deal with a broken furnace, but sometimes you have no choice. Before you decide to bundle up for the weekend and call a contractor on Monday morning, though, it’s important to consider what the problem might be. Strange noises or smells could be indicative of an issue that needs immediate attention and emergency service.

You Hear Strange Noises Coming From the Unit

The compressor in an HVAC unit causes it to make some noise no matter what. However, if your unit sounds differently than it normally does, it could be because there is a serious problem. If it sounds louder than it normally does, or if there are clicking or gurgling sounds while it’s running, it’s important to contact Chicago HVAC contractors. Sometimes, the noise is due to air being trapped inside the coolant lines. Other times, there may be a refrigerant leak, which needs repair right away. Other noise-related issues may include problems with the motor or the compressor itself.

You Notice a Strange or Bad Smell

If your furnace is gas, it is especially important to pay attention to the smells in your home. Although natural gas itself does not have an odor, it is infused with the scent of sulfur or rotten eggs. This way, if there is a gas leak, you and your family can find safety. If you notice a foul odor coming from your furnace, turn off the furnace, evacuate the property, and call both 911 and an emergency HVAC contractor from a safe distance. Even if there is not a gas leak, there could be dangerous debris or even a dead animal causing the smell and mucking up your system.

When you need emergency service, it’s tempting to go with the first company that you get in touch with. However, it’s still important to verify the contractor’s business license and insurance. This way, you can be sure the problem will be fixed and not just turn into a bigger one.