Residential Carpet Cleaning Services VS DIY Carpet Cleaning

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Having a carpet cleaner at home is great for spot cleaning, but DIY is not the best option for consistent and heavy-duty cleaning. Professional residential carpet cleaning Greensboro-located offers several advantages that make a huge difference in the results.

Better Equipment

Carpet cleaners that you can buy at your local retailer typically have weaker suction and lower water pressure than professional equipment. This results in a carpet that is not thoroughly rinsed and that is left soggy. Unfortunately, this can leave you with a musty smell.

Waste Removal

Cleaning carpets is often about more than getting dirt and stains out. Many people have pets that have accidents, leaving carpets soaked in urine and more. Professionals have not only the equipment but also the cleaning solutions that can rid your carpet of the filth, bacteria, and odors that come with pet waste.

Hotter Temperatures

Professionals can provide much hotter water than what you can get from your faucet. They have the equipment on their trucks to heat water to the optimum temperature so that your carpet gets the best possible cleaning.

Investment Into Your Carpet’s Future

DIY carpet cleaning might help to some degree, but it’s not likely to extend your carpet’s life. In fact, as it cannot pull out all of the water and bacteria, it can actually decrease the carpet’s life expectancy. Professional carpet cleaning helps to keep your carpet healthy, clean, and dry for as long as possible.