The Importance of Weed Control In Water

Having a lake or pond on your property can be a wonderful thing. Lakes offer the chance to partake in water-based sports and fishing, as well as the opportunity to sit and relax by the water. However, it’s important to properly care for these bodies of water and not let them become overgrown with weeds or algae.

Health of Fish and Wildlife

Weed control for lakes is an important part of keeping the local fish and other wildlife healthy. While it is natural to have some weeds and algae in a lake, an excessive amount can remove oxygen from the water and harm the fish. A build-up of weeds can also lead to too much stagnant water and create an ideal breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Aesthetics and Smell

Apart from health reasons, having overgrown weeds in a lake is unsightly. It’s difficult to enjoy the water if there are weeds blocking your view. In addition, too many weeds and algae can result in an unpleasant smell if they begin to decay—hardly ideal for a relaxing evening! Having a clean lake will make time spent outside much more enjoyable.

Ease of Water Sports

Lakes offer the opportunity for a variety of activities and water sports such as fishing and kayaking. An overgrowth of weeds can have an adverse effect on these activities by physically blocking the path of a boat or rod. Weeds can also hide obstructions such as logs or rocks that can be seriously dangerous to boaters or swimmers. A clean lake will make it much easier to see any potential obstacles.

If there is a lake on your property, take the time to ensure that the water is cared for so that it can be enjoyed for many years! Regular treatment and management of the weeds will help keep the lake healthy and safe.

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