How to Extend the Life of Your Refrigerator?

The first thing you need to keep in mind is the fact that there’s no easier way for a person to be disappointed than for them to expect too much and same goes for the longevity of your appliance. A regular refrigerator lasts between 6 and 10 years. The manufacturer and the quality of the refrigerator can significantly prolong this figure. However, there’s a major discrepancy between 6 and 10 years, seeing as how this means that you’ll either replace 3 or 5 refrigerators in the next 25 years. Fortunately, this is definitely something that you can affect in more than one way and there are several most efficient tips on how to extend the life of your refrigerator.

1.      Regularly Use the Ice-Maker

The first thing you might not know about your refrigerator is the fact that the ice-maker is one of the first things to break down. You see, an ice-maker is made for regular use and in order for the system to stay in proper working order, it needs to be active at all times. This means that a certain amount of water needs to pass through the system each week. Cleaning your ice-maker isn’t something you need to do on a daily basis, yet, it’s usually smart to do so at least once every year.

2.      Buying New or Repairing Old

This is probably the biggest issue that you’ll have to deal with as a refrigerator owner. First of all, if there are too many things wrong with your refrigerator, buying a new appliance might be both cheaper and better option. However, a repair, if possible is definitely more frugal, especially if conducted by a specialized service like Total Appliance Repair Centre and not a layman repairman. This is due to the fact that the latter sometimes stands to make matters worse.

3.      Conduct an Inspection

In the introduction, we’ve mentioned that your refrigerator has a certain age expectancy and this may impact your decision-making process as well. For instance, if a refrigerator breaks down two years after you’ve first bought it, you’ll be more inclined to repair it, yet, if it breaks down after 8 years, you’ll be more inclined to repair it. This will also affect the potential ROI of the repair, seeing as how fixing the fridge that you intend to replace in six months doesn’t sound like a good plan. Nonetheless, it’s usually for the best to conduct an inspection and an estimate either way.

4.      Keep It Full

The simplest tip to keep your refrigerator working longer is to keep it fully stocked at all times. You see, it takes a lot of power for your refrigerator to keep the air cool to a certain level. The more items you have in your refrigerator, the less air there will be. This means that your refrigerator can achieve the same effect by wasting just a tiny fraction of its power. This means that its work hours won’t be nearly as exhausting and this just might prolong the longevity of your fridge.

5.      Don’t Keep It too Full Though

On the other hand, overburdening the doors might make them fail to close or start misbehaving in the nearest future. Also, by putting too much food at the back of your refrigerator you risk blocking the air vents. This will lower the overall ventilation of your fridge and make it start misbehaving in two ways. First, it will be a lot less effective and second, it will increase the chance of a breakdown. This is why you might want to avoid keeping your fridge too full.

In Conclusion

With these several tips on your side, you stand to get the most out of your refrigerator use and reduce the cost of its maintenance over the course of years. Not all is about cost either, seeing as how a fully-functioning fridge also tends to be the issue of health and safety for your entire family. Therefore, it’s a major issue on your list.

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