How to cover your outdoor kitchen and use it throughout the year

Outdoor kitchens have surpassed tennis courts and swimming pools when it comes to adding value to your home, as perfect garden cooking and entertainment areas. What drives this trend is the rise of popularity in entertaining at home. These kitchens are much more than places to cook since all your friends can join in and make the process a lot more fun. It is basically a reflection of the development of indoor kitchens toward breakfast bars and island units which are designed as a sociable space.

In order to take the full advantage of this rising trend, you should incorporate shade covering or a roofing structure to your design.  The reason is simple – covering your outdoor kitchen will not only make it easier to control its climate, but it will also extend its usability throughout the year. It should be a shame to run into the house at the first sign of the rain, so you should protect the appliances, grill, and furniture from wear and tear of elements. Let’s take a look at ways to accomplish this.

Ease And Versatility With Canopies or Shade Sails

Canopies are easy and least expensive to install, and they offer quite of versatility. While they’ll protect you and your friends from the elements, you can also use them to accent the space. There are multiple sizes and styles to choose from, from lighter trendier ones to metal sturdy ones. Shade sails offer the same amount of versatility, but their design is a bit trendier and their protection is primarily from the sun though they can stand rain also. It’s basically an idea of a ship’s sail where fabric is anchored to poles and stretched across.

Sophistication With Pergolas

Pergolas are quite similar to canopies but offer a more sophisticated and luxuryus look due to their Italian look and feel. They’re basically garden features used to form a shaded sitting area, passageway, or a walkway. They consist of sturdy open lattice supported by cross-beams and are typically made of wood. Adding some vines across the lattice is what actually makes that sophisticated Italian look. There are also aluminum ones available, but their minimalistic design will work well only in modern backyard environments.

Durability And Flexibility With Roofing Structures

While two above-mentioned solutions are easy, cheap, and eye-pleasing, their protection has limits due to the nature of materials. If your wish is to turn your outdoor kitchen into a sturdy outdoor room, then placing a solid roof is the way to go. This also offers a great amount of versatility since there’s far more flexibility in architectural design and material choices.

Nevertheless, our favorite pick is the material that has never left any roof down since 27 BC – cooper. First of all, this material is extremely water-resistant, so there’s no way that rain will penetrate your outdoor cooking and entertainment oasis. Secondly, it’s one of the most fireproof roofing options out there, which is certainly a big advantage when there are gas side-burners, barbecues, or wood-fired ovens for pizzas laying around. It is more expensive than canopies and pergolas, but since it has a life expectancy of at least 50 years it’s actually far more economical. Of course, its practical advantages don’t take away from its beauty. With the right copper roof experts, you’ll get the elements of prestige, sophistication, and elegance that’s widely admired. It’s enough to look at the old cathedrals to realize that its beauty can be unmatched.

Easy Transition With Screened Porches

If you’re looking for a more smoother transition to the outdoors where you can still keep the bugs outside, you’ll probably wish to consider screened porches. These structures are built directly onto the house, attached to the back or the front. Of course, when it comes to the outdoor kitchen, the back seems more logical. They’re based on a traditional tall window style design that will let a lot of sunlight in, where screening is installed instead of glass.

As you can see, there are various ways to cover your outdoor kitchen and use it throughout the year, so take your pick based on your needs. Just keep in mind that you should compare a small initial price with life expectancy and that style and efficiency should go hand in hand.

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