How to Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Kitchen

We all strive for luxury inside our homes but the kitchen is the last room in the house that someone would expect to have luxurious elements. This is because the kitchen space is associated with cooking and eating which produce a lot of waste, so it would be impossible to keep the kitchen clean all the time. Cleanliness is the prerequisite for luxury, as a white enameled kitchen hub with yellow oil stains hardly gives out the impression of opulence. Still, there are certain improvements that you can make to the kitchen décor to make it at least appear luxurious. Ironic or not, but these details are not expensive and require the minimum amount of time to be installed.

Putting in a coffee machine

There is hardly a person who does not enjoy a cup of hot coffee in the morning. For some people, this is a proper ritual and a daily dose of caffeine they cannot start a new day without. Making coffee takes time and you often spill it all over the counter, so getting a coffee machine seems like a practical solution. Not only will you prepare coffee effortlessly from now on but the atmosphere of the kitchen will benefit from the sleek and sexy contours of a coffee machine. They are usually metallic and black, which is a color combo that goes well almost any kitchen décor.  The ideal place for the coffee station is on the countertop, over the oven.

A dishwasher

Another practical addition to the kitchen is the dishwasher. If you haven’t acquired one by now, it is high time you did so. They will save you hours of leaning uncomfortably over the sink washing the dishes, your hands soaked in dishwashing liquid. In terms of interior design, new dishwasher models are slim, so they are ideal for filling that gap you have between the end of cabinets and the wall. Last but not least; when someone enters your kitchen and sees a dishwasher, they are going to think you have money. This is because the human mind is hard to alter, as dishwashers used to cost a lot just quarter of a century ago and people still associate them with luxury, although they have long become a necessity.

The window area

The most overlooked area in terms of design in any kitchen are the windows. Apart from cleaning them regularly, you must admit that you never thought about pimping them out. Something can be done to the windows, such as changing the curtains. For instance, pinch pleat curtains are suitable for most kitchens, since they look both modern and luxurious. They are mostly used in bedrooms, so they usher a sense of tranquilly and order, while their design requires a sturdy material of better quality which automatically means that they are associated with luxury. Pinch pleat curtains have sections much like cast iron household radiators do, so if you have one under the window, the two should match up perfectly.

A wine fridge

A bottle of expensive wine or some fancy champagne simply does not belong in the door compartment of your refrigerator. Instead, it should have a cooler of its own like a wine fridge. It can be built inside the countertop or placed on top of it, if it’s smaller in size. A wine fridge means that you can regulate the temperature the wine bottles are stored at, so they will be perfectly chilled when you serve wine to guests. Such a cooler is a clear sign of opulence, as you can obviously afford to store your beverages separately, which is a costly option. When it comes to design, the color black is the most popular one, while the door and shelves inside can either be wooden (or an imitation of wood) or silver.  If you want to have ultimate extravagance, then install colorful LED lights inside, kitchen design is very important when it comes to elegant look, so we all must follow some design rules and trends. If you can’t have a wine cellar or one of those large wooden shelves for bottles, a wine fridge is the closest you can get to enological bliss in your home.

Doing away with plastic

There is nothing inside the kitchen that screams “cheap” as plastic features. From spoons and lids to door handles, start doing away with plastic elements in your kitchen. Don’t get us wrong, plastic is useful but it is also inexpensive, so everything made from it should be kept behind closed kitchen cabinet’ doors. Start searching for alternative materials, such as glass jars instead of plastic dispensers. Handles, knobs, and countertop profiles can be upgraded to metal. They are not that expensive but are worlds apart from plastic in terms of décor. Metal is glossy, so if you keep the kitchen clean, these features will literally shine, unlike plastic ones that have dull hues.

Every feature listed here is more than affordable, so a small proportion of a month’ salary is enough to spruce up the kitchen. A touch of luxury will completely transform this space in a way that preparing meals will never be the same.

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