Home Maintenance Tasks for Fall

Late fall is a great time to do maintenance. The weather has cooled off and you’ve got the whole winter ahead of you to prepare for. There are three main categories of fall maintenance tasks.

Yard Work

First comes yard work. It’s not so hot now, so you can get out and do the clearing you’ve been putting off to avoid heatstroke. It’s also a good time to put your garden to bed for the winter. Certain plants want to be heavily cut back at the end of the season, and others need to either be brought inside or winterized to protect them from heavy frosts and snow. Even if you don’t live in an area that gets lots of snow, you may need to do special fall maintenance. Contact tree company Orlando or your area to see what your trees need in order to stay healthy.

Roof and Attic

A lot of roof work needs to happen after the leaves have come off your trees and before the snows start. Obviously you will need to clear your gutters, but you should also check your roof for signs of damage and water infiltration before the snow hits.

Heating and Insulation

Fall is also the perfect time to check your heating system. You don’t want to find out the heating is broken after the temperature has already dropped. Similarly, check the insulation on your house before the weather turns, so you don’t have to spend as much on heating. And make sure your pipes are properly insulated and winterized to they don’t burst when the freezing temperatures hit.

Ideally, fall maintenance should be geared towards setting you up for winter by making sure you’re prepared for colder temperatures and winter weather. It’s also a great time too clean the inside of your home and get ready for the holidays!

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