Do’s and don’ts when it comes to kitchen remodelling?

It’s hard to say which room in a house is the most important one, but the kitchen brings some good arguments to the table. The kitchen is where the heart is. It’s where you prepare the food you love, where you make your morning coffee, and spend time with your family. So, it’s no wonder remodelling it is so important. If there’s anything people, and especially women, like it’s a well-modelled kitchen. Having everything you need to prepare food in an attractive environment can give you a sense of tranquillity and peace. A pleasant and light-coloured kitchen is the cherry on top of a well-designed home. Making the right decisions isn’t a very easy task, so here are some examples of how to properly design your cooking space.

1. Do keep a vision in mind

Every room has a specific purpose it is tailored to and kitchens are no different. It might seem obvious that the kitchen is a room for cooking and eating, but it goes further than that. You need to take into account how you’ll use your kitchen in day-to-day activities. Are you planning on hosting any large dinners on occasion? This will require a more spacious room that is well equipped for the task. Counters and tables should be able to accommodate lots of plates and pots filled with food.

The layout depends on if you prefer eating in the kitchen or if you have a dining room for that purpose. If you dine in the kitchen, you’re going to have to have a large table suitable for your family. Making space for seating also has to be taken into account. A dining room allows you to save space in your kitchen for cooking and preparing food, and you don’t have to worry about having too little room to eat.

2. Don’t forget about the budget

Money doesn’t revolve around everything, but it certainly does revolve around remodelling. Renovating your kitchen will cost you some significant dough. The average remodelling costs thousands of dollars and shouldn’t be underestimated. There are tons of safety concerns that have to be addressed, as well as having heat-resistant surfaces that can handle temperatures used for cooking. When planning the things you want to have, it’s good to have two lists: a list of must-haves and a list of wishes.

If you want to save money when remodelling, there are some alternatives to a complete overhaul. For starters, consider refacing older cabinets instead of replacing them. To get a fresh look you don’t need to replace everything. Repainting and changing the colour scheme will give you a new kitchen without moving a single item.

3. Do focus on the layout

The way you design your kitchen is everything. This isn’t related to how Feng Shui it is, but rather how practical you can make the layout. There isn’t much use for a large refrigerator if you can’t open it properly. Design your kitchen so any cooking you do won’t be inhibited by the layout. Nobody likes a clunky kitchen.

Designing any room is art, but figuring out how to make it usable is more science than anything else. If you aren’t well versed in architecture, you could consult professionals like Sphere Construction to help you renovate your kitchen area. The look is all up to you, but practicality is more in the area of an engineers’ expertise.

4. Don’t skimp on your health

It’s no secret that the kitchen is a health hazard. There is nothing bacteria love more than hanging out near food and leftovers. It’s something health professionals warn you about all the time: keep your kitchen clean and your food safely stored away. Bacteria and insects are constantly clamouring to get in your food and you have to make sure your remodel focuses on minimizing that.

A good start is having easy-to-clean smooth surfaces. If all you need to do to clean is a couple of wipes with a washcloth, cleaning becomes a breeze instead of a chore. Too many uneven surfaces and additions will have food pile up on them and attract pests. Try aiming for more cabinets and shelves you can put things on, instead of piling things on tables and countertops. If there’s anything you should be focused on, it’s keeping health hazards to a minimum.


In conclusion, renovating your kitchen is a wonderful way to improve on the aesthetic of your house’s interior, as well as improve quality of life. It’s a herculean task that requires lots of planning and money to do right. It’s all worth it in the end when you get a wonderful space where you and your family can dine and talk about your day in peace. With these tips, you are a shoo-in to do your renovation right.

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