Benefits of Rosin

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When considering California solventless extracts, you should understand a bit about them before you make a purchase. Live rosin is a hash oil concentrate that is solventless. It is created from a different process than a more traditional hash oil from butane. Cannabis is frozen after harvest to be considered live. Live Rosin is made with cannabis that has been frozen from fresh cannabis. It is agitated with a bath of ice water.

Some of the benefits that you will find with live rosin include that it does not contain solvents. It is entirely natural. The process of freezing and pressing live rosin protects the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes without causing any damage.

Live rosin is as close as possible to the cannabis plant. Therefore, it has a high value medically. Since the production of rosin is a completely natural process, it has a higher amount of cannabis concentrate, making it of great quality for medical purposes.

Live rosin has a low melting point which makes it easier to dab. This makes it the perfect choice for dabbing. California solventless is not mass-produced and focuses on quality and process. So when you have artisans that are passionate about their process, it shows in the extracts.