3 Tips to Maximize Space in Your Small Kitchen

Having a small kitchen may seem difficult, but with some simple organizational tricks even a small kitchen can be functional and beautiful. Inspiration is everywhere when you begin to search small kitchens. From decor to organization to small space solutions, you’ll have a hard time narrowing down your ideas. To get you started, here are three tips to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Use Your Wall and Ceiling Space

Kitchen tools have a beautiful aesthetic. If you don’t have much cabinet space, consider using your tools as decor. Place similar items together to create collections and spice up the decor in your kitchen. Try adding a metal bar above your sink to hang items you use often. From the ceiling, you can hang a heavy duty pot rack. This frees up cabinet space and adds an interesting design element to your kitchen.

2. Add Portable Storage

If you’re lacking counter and cabinet space, you can purchase a small rolling cart to use as an island. This will give you extra storage space for things like cookbooks, foil or snack baskets. The little counter gives you a surface to prep and cook fabulous meals. When you’re done using the cart, roll it out of the kitchen if it takes up too much room.

3. Get Creative With Appliance Surfaces

While you may use your stove daily, it doesn’t mean you can’t keep a small amount of items readily available on a pretty trivet. Other appliances Rockville MD have some handy storage spaces too. The top of your refrigerator can hold small appliances, like stand mixers or waffle irons, while hooks added to the sides can hold items like paper towels and kitchen tools.

The limitations of a small kitchen open up the door for creative organization and decor. Starting with these tips will lead you down your own path towards the perfect small kitchen for you.

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