3 Essential Home Upgrades

In many parts of the country, sunny days are the norm. Some cities in the country even see an average of 128 days per year with 30% or less cloud cover, while many others all see well above 90.

If you are a resident of a warm city, or just have a summer vacation home, embracing all this beautiful weather is essential. Here are three upgrades you can make to your home to ensure your home is sunshine-ready.

Install a pool enclosure

Florida Pool Enclosures will help to keep out most of the state’s water-loving wildlife, as well as disease-carrying mosquitos and other annoying bugs. In addition, it may help shorten clean-up times, as the enclosure will keep out blowing leaves and grass.

Try a retractable screen

If you don’t want the full closure, you may also look at a screen that can be lowered and be lifted as desired, which can be used for shading and privacy on your patio, lanai, or picture window.

Build a pergola

A pergola not only adds to the definition of your space; it can also extend how much you can be outside by adding light shade to an area in your yard or pool area.