3 Best Ways To Make Your Backyard a Staycation Destination

Want to feel like you’re on vacation without leaving the house? Follow these three tips if you want to make your backyard a staycation destination that your whole family will enjoy!

1. Install a Swimming Pool

No one can deny the appeal of having a swimming pool in your own backyard – it’s something adults and kids alike will always enjoy. For the most economical option, install an above-ground pool, but make sure it’s large enough to accommodate fun features like a pool basketball hoop or a diving board. You’ll also want to have a durable and safe surface to surround the pool. Expert installers of fiberglass decking Texas will construct a pool deck that will stand up to the elements and provide room for tables and chairs so that everyone has a perfect spot to lounge around the pool.

2. Add Outdoor Games

If you have a large area of empty space in your backyard, consider making an outdoor game board to give your family some mental and physical exercise. It’s easy to construct an outdoor game board, all you need is some concrete or masonry pavers in contrasting colors. As you lay the pavers down on level ground, alternate the color of pavers to create a full-scale playing surface for chess or checkers.

3. Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Complete your backyard transformation by constructing an outdoor kitchen. Design your new cooking and eating space around the major appliances you’ll use the most, such as a built-in smoker or grill and an outdoor refrigerator. Be sure to add appropriate covering like an awning or pergola to provide shelter from the summer sun.

Who says staying at home has to be a bore? By making these backyard upgrades, you’ll have a customized outdoor oasis that your family will never want to leave!

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